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November 30, 2013


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How the hell did you get to this place? Heck you didn’t know…it was weird and dark and spooky and you swore you heard creatures somewhere.

All you remember was laying on your bed, enjoying a good book and sipping some lovely tea then BAM! You were falling from the sky and landed hard on the greyish ground, clenching your book as if it was going to save you. And on the floor you still laid, before regaining yourself and standing up, wiping off the dirt– or whatever it was off of your being.

“Bloody hell...” You cursed, a deep frown marring your face and your nose crinkling in slight displeasure. Still clenching your book, you took off towards…was it the south or the east? Whatever! You didn’t care about directions, as long as you could find a way out of this place.

You shivered at the night wind, and wrapped the bathrobe around you, since you had forgotten that you were still in a nightgown, and that was indecent for a lady to wear out in public…even though there wasn’t a soul outside. You looked up at the sky, the clouds were a strange purple color, it was beautiful, but still strange…and was that two moons?

Damn, you sure were far from home you never heard of a planet with two moons of green and pink. Clicking your tongue you continued to walk, the ground hurting your feet since it was on gravel. ‘I should’ve been wearing slippers if I had known this would happen…
actually, I would be wearing proper clothing if I knew.’ You shake your head, your [H/C] hair shaking with you, and you huffed, you hated it being down made you feel vulnerable.
You stopped, hearing a slight rustle in the bushes and you slowly turned your head towards the forest, book held tightly to your chest. “W-Who’s there?!” You finally said, trying to act as if you weren’t scared.

You didn’t know what was on this planet; it could be full of terrifying creatures that could eat you in a gulp. You shivered, but still looked at the bush and screamed when something jumped out and tackled you, causing you to roll with whatever the creature was a couple a feet away from where you stood. The creature, a grey-skinned, shaggy short black haired, human like creature with candy-corn like horns on its head, stared down at you with bright yellow and red eyes, and you gulped.

He whispered something in a language you didn’t understand, and examined you, poking your ears and hair and pretty much everything. He looked so…curious. Or was it a mentally shrugged, deciding not to care about the gender. Gazing at him (or her…whatever you decided to go with him) with you [E/C] eyes, you cleared your throat making the thing jump in slight surprise. “E-Excuse me..” You mumbled, trying to sit up and at least try to look decent while keeping your eyes on him. “…who are you?” ‘Or what exactly are you…’

He stared at you, head tilted to the side before saying something in his…language. You sighed; of course you didn’t understand each other you were from different worlds after all. Then you realized…it was kind of like…Tarzan. The book was amazing and when you saw that animated movie your friend recommended, you fell in love instantly.

The creature had stopped staring at you and continued his poking and prodding, even going as far as to try at look up your skirt, which you replied with a kick in the face and a scream. He was staring at you again…and it was getting quite embarrassing. Blushing lightly, scooted away from the creature-thing-whatever it was. It looked something akin to disappointment, its brilliant red eyes dulling slightly as he stood to leave.

“No wait don’t leave!” You yelled, standing up and holding onto the creature’s cloak. He was…kind of interesting, plus it meant it you had company. Even though you both didn’t understand each other. He hissed at you, turning around and glaring down at your small form. He was taller than you by at least a couple of inches, so he leaned over you, causing you to feel smaller than you were. Suddenly his head snapped up, and gripped your arm, pulling you into the forest nearby.

“W-wait where are we going?!” You screamed, branches and such hitting you, and causing you to winch. He yelled something back at you, and threw you into a cave nearby and ran off. It went all too fast for you and you sat there, mouth dropped in shock. “What the hell!” You yelled, finally coming back to your senses. You sat there and fumed, trying to figure out why exactly he did what he did. It didn’t take him long to come back and you stood, face red with anger before seeing your book in his hands. Did he go back just to get your book?

You watched him as he leafed through the paged, whispering to himself before handing the book back to you. “I…thank you…” You whispered, holding the book close. No one ever did that before, and it caused you to flush lightly. He clicked his grey tongue at you, and you saw his pointed teeth, causing you to look weary. He walked deeper inside the cave, waving his hand for you to follow. Maybe this was his home? Or something like a home?
You shrugged and followed, seeing some light as you both went deeper inside the cave. Finally you made it to a small make-shift shelter, which had a pile of weirdly colored leaves for a bed, some rocks that could be sat on, and a candle for some lighting on a small flat rock.

He motioned you to sit down on one of the rocks, and you obeyed, big {E/C] orbs staring at him as you held your book. He crouched in front of you, his bright yellow and red eyes staring at your face. He mumbled something, and took of his black cloak, and you noted it had red outlines.

Hmm…interesting. He wrapped it around your small frame and over the bathrobe and stood up. All he was wearing was leggings that went just below his chest. ‘What weird clothing...’ You thought to yourself, looking away when you realized you were staring.

“M-My apologies…” You mumbled, fiddling with the cloak. He stared at you, smiling slightly. You soon realized how tired you were and how you still didn’t introduce yourself. Pointing to yourself you said with slight pride “[F/N] [L/N], at your service.” He titled his head towards you, and you repeated yourself but only the name this time. He slowly formed the words of your name, at first it sounded a bit off, but you smiled when he finally got it right, but frowned when he didn’t introduce himself back….maybe he didn’t even have a name.

You both sat in silence, and you yawned eyes drooping as you almost fell asleep. He poked you though, and pointed towards the leaf-bed, taking the book away from you and placing in on the rock. Nodding tiredly you made you way over towards the bed, laying down and clenching the cloak close to you, curling into yourself and shortly falling asleep afterwards, thinking about the creature that possibly saved your life.
I actually am quite proud about the way I wrote this, and the reason the Reader was being so lady like is because I wanted her to, and plus I just wanted to make her British as well XD I'm so stereotypical. Anyways, I hope you read and enjoy! Plus I don't really now much of the landscape of Alternia, so I kinda just was luck "Screw it, it's good enough!"

Reason I called it Tarzan? Because Reader-chan doesn't know 'bout trolls with a culture so complex that it will melt your brain trying to think about it.

And the book she was carrying was The Hobbit I feel in love with it don't judge meh

Homestuck belongs to :iconhussieplz:

And Reader belongs to whatever Reader whats to belong to.
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8thDimention Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love it!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 I LOVE Sighnless, and there aren't very many X-readers for. And the oned that do, are usually derpy.
Bitt3rBi5cit2 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Oh my god I can't wait for more my dear, this is just to interesting 
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(i love the whole thing, not just that :P)
TinyBirdGames Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the first time I read a scenario like this and must say I LOVE IT! I cannot wait for more. ^-^
Bbord Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student Writer
Oh you make me blush :iconblushplz: 

And there will be more, I promise .u.
TinyBirdGames Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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